Top 7 Scary Books You’ve Never Read

It’s Officially Spooky Season.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, restrictions and curfews, typical Halloween activities may be put on hold. 

So we thought, what better way to celebrate this season of spookiness from the comfort of your own home with a good horror book or two.

Here’s our list of top 7 scary books to sink your teeth into, this October: 

No.1: Rosemary’s Baby – Ira Levin

Published in 1967, much like the later film adaptation, follows the tale of Rosemary Woodhouse and her husband Guy as they move into Bamford, an old apartment building in New York City. Despite being warned of the buildings ominous history involving witchcraft and murder, Rosemary and Guy take no heed. 

Upon moving in, the couple are welcomed by a neighbouring elderly couple, the Castevets. Though, Rosemary has reservations about them, whilst Guy becomes quite fond of the pair and visits them frequently. As Guy gets his big break and Rosemary becomes pregnant and unexpectedly sick, she begins to feel as though something is not right. 

No.2: I Am Legend – Richard Matheson

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In this post-apocalyptic horror, Robert Neville is the last living man on planet earth following a pandemic tha’s killed most of the human population. 

But he isn’t completely alone… the pandemic turned the remainder of the human population into pale skinned, blood-sucking vampires. Despite this, Neville is able to stay alive and sets out to learn more about these creatures and to develop a cure. However, his journey is riddled with heartbreak, fear and death. 

The success of this novel led to the following film adaptations and inspiration behind: The Last Man On Earth, The Omega Man, I Am Legend and the Night Of The Living Dead.

No.3: Now You’re One Of Us – Asa Nonami 

This horror novel follows the story of Noriko, a new bride who has married into the Shitos, a large, well-established Japanese family. Who happen to have an even larger history, spanning four generations. 

As Noriko settles into married life, a series of strange events lead her to question what kind family she has married into. But, as secrets unearth and history begins to surface, Noriko discovers the true meaning of “marital compromise”. 

No.4: Ghost Story – Peter Straub

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The Chowder Society had met for years, telling each other every type of tale and story. One fateful evening, one of the members, Edward Wanderley dies – or, is killed. This sparks a series of supernatural happenings. 

In an attempt to seek solace for the loss of their friend, The Chowder Society begins to tell spine-chilling ghost stories. Though these ghost stories don’t just stay in the imaginations of the society members… The group begin to simultaneously experience shared nightmares predicting horrors, they can’t bring themselves to even discuss. 

However, their attempt to forget the past is met with fierce resistance.

No.5: The Haunting Of Hill House – Shirley Jackson

Set in a hilly landscape, Hill House is the original haunted house. Jackson’s story focuses on four main characters: Dr. Montague, investigator of the supernatural, Eleanor, a young woman, bitter from having to care for her disabled and demanding mother, Theodora, an artist and Luke, the young heir of the house. 

As the four spend more time in the house, they begin to experience supernatural occurrences, strange noises, ghosts wandering the halls and other unexplained happenings. At the same time, Eleanor begins to experience disturbances which the others fail to notice. By the time the others realise what Hill House is doing to Eleanor, it may just be a little too late…

Jackson’s The Haunting Of Hill House has been made into two feature films, a play and was the inspiration behind the Netflix series under the same title. 

No.6: Frankenstein In Baghdad – Ahmed Saadawi

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If you’re a fan of Mary Shelley’s original, then you’ll love this Middle Eastern take on the original. 

Based in U.S. occupied Baghdad, Hadi begins to stitch together body parts with the aim to make them into distinguishable corpses, to force the government to give them a proper burial. 

However, one fateful night, a corpse disappears and murders begin to pop up all over the city. Rumours begin to surface of a monstrous, bulletproof creature roaming the streets of Baghdad, on the hunt for human flesh… 

What will Hadi do?

No.7: Wonderland – Jennifer Hillier 

Porcelain dolls, menacing clowns, and a creepy circus are just some of the hair-raising factors of this novel. 

It’s Vanessa Castro’s first day on the job as deputy police chief of Seaside. Little does she know, the local carnival Wonderland, is the stuff made of nightmares. Dead bodies and mysterious events keep occuring at this evil carnival. First a dead homeless man is found rotting in an alleyway, then a teenage employee is reported missing. 

Despite moving to Seaside to escape her own sordid past, Vanessa soon discovers the seedy rumours surrounding the carnival are more than just rumours. And she’s brought her family right into the middle of it. 

And there you have it, seven books to help you get into the spooky spirit this October. Our list is sure to frighten, scare and terrify. So, read them, gift them or put them in the freezer! But don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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