Peak True Stories: Tracey Hunt

It’s our sixth anniversary here at Peak and we couldn’t be more excited!  

We decided to pick gratitude as our theme this year, because without our employees and our users, Peak wouldn’t exist. 

We’re so grateful for our Peakster’ who work tirelessly to create the app you see today, and we’re even more grateful for our users, who without, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love and share the gift of brain training. 

So what better way to celebrate Peak and it’s wonderful users by sharing some stories from people Peak has made an impact on. 

We spoke to Tracey Hunt from across the pond about how playing Peak helped her deal with her fibromyalgia, a chronic condition which causes pain in joints and bones, fatigue, issues with sleeping and negatively impacts some cognitive functions. 

Q&A with Tracey Hunt

Tell us a little bit about yourself Tracey

I’m 50 years old, and I’ve had fibromyalgia my entire adult life. I could start to feel my brain starting to slow down a couple of years ago. But it’s been very noticeable this past year and stuck in the house without anyone to really talk to for any length of time has been challenging. 

With fibromyalgia comes brain fog, which can be pretty severe at times. I’ve been unemployed since I got laid off in December, and when COVID caused everything to lock down, I pretty much just stayed in the house all the time with just my son and my boyfriend.

My son works mid shift so I see him for about an hour a day and my boyfriend works at home, and I don’t get to see him as often as you would think.

How does fibromyalgia affect your daily life?

I stutter over my words a lot and I forget them entirely sometimes, making me feel like a complete idiot. I cannot be interrupted in a conversation because I will forget what I wanted to say and it won’t come back to me.  I know, you’re thinking, this happens to me all the time. Everybody walks into the kitchen and forgets what they went in there for. This is different. I will walk into the kitchen and go to the refrigerator, reach in, and forget what I came in for. I’ll open a box of popsicles, take one out, and somehow forget my cell phone in the freezer.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve hollered at people for taking my things or moving my things when I am literally staring right at them, like my glasses for instance. They’re right on the table, and I’m looking straight at them but I don’t see them until somebody comes over and points them out to me and then I have to apologize and they laugh it off but I feel terrible and frankly, a little scared that my brain doesn’t work that well anymore.

What made you want to try the Peak app?

I decided to try one of these applications to try and stretch my brain out a little bit, try to exercise it. I looked at many different apps, the free ones, subscription applications, flat out purchase apps and I tried a lot of them but Peak was the one that I settled on.

Peak had a lot of good reviews. Not all great but I worked in IT for most of my career and I understand that no application is perfect, and no application makes everybody happy. But for me it was perfect. The games are fun and interesting. Well for the most part, some of them I skip a lot ;), and they’re not the same all the time. I love discovering new games and I love that when you play them for the first time they don’t really count. You get the opportunity to figure it out before things really start to count.

What do you like about the app?

It’s very encouraging. The verbiage around the games will encourage you to take another stab at it and try to level up or tell you when it’s okay to just move on to the next game, that it’s okay if you dropped a little in your score and you’ll make it up next time. It’s a nice little coach, and I like that.

I’ve not been using it long enough to say yes it’s working or no it’s not. My score fluctuates up a point one week and down two points the next. I think I’ve been using it for four weeks and I feel like it’s working but I don’t want to say for sure because I think it needs more time to make any scientific conclusions yet, but I’m going to keep at it and see where it brings me.

Thank you Tracey


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8 thoughts on “Peak True Stories: Tracey Hunt

  1. I had a severe reaction to prescription medication including anti-depressants and sleeping pills. It really messed up my cognitive abilities. Peak has helped me in so many ways to retrain my Brain to get back critical reasoning skills. Peak has been a real God send to me. Excellent application. Highest endorsement! Christopher Robin Rolph.

  2. Well I’m 75 and Peak is a challenge to me, I have definitely slowed down over the years I have been playing but I hate it if I miss a day. Also there are a few games that I’m not keen on but if I start a session I will always play the four games and sometimes the game of the day if I have time. Continue your good work it’s keeping me sane!!!

  3. I love playing daily and have been for a few years. I have trouble with it not giving much time for feedback after a game. The comment posted is gone with a blink of eye. Clearly I take my playing seriously 😊. I have a few medical issues, that have the potential to slow me down but PEAK games over time really help sharpen my mind. Thanks , but more personal feedback? Thanks for the variety of the games.

  4. I will not be renewing my Peak subscription. I realized that when I play Baggage Claim, you change the names of the cities ( I had my hubby take a picture) because I thought something seemed off. Sure enough, each game of it, the cities were changed, so you cannot win! I do not like paying for something that cheats! I bet this will not get posted.

  5. I enjoy using Peak every day but I do wish that you would inform me of when you are going to take my annual payment!

    1. Hey there! Thanks for your comment. Please note, when you purchase your subscription, we inform all our users that our subscriptions auto-renew on the same date each year unless you cancel. If you’d like further assistance, you can contact🙂

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