Peak True Stories PT2: Across The Globe

Part 2

We received so many responses, we couldn’t possibly fit them all into one post. So here are a few more stories we received from our amazing users. 

“Yes, I love Peak! At my age (50+) you start to wonder if you’re losing it, but by continually progressing in Peak I can reassure myself that I’m not! And apparently I’m competitive, which I didn’t know – I love seeing which percentile I’m in for each game and how I compare on the spidergram. 

If I have time I try to complete my workout every morning, so that I know whether or not I’m on form mentally, it helps me to prepare and plan my day, both at work and on days off. I’m so grateful that my company made this available to us, it’s unlikely I would have downloaded it otherwise, as I’ve never been a computer game player and I’ve tried one or two others but they didn’t grab me. 

I even play Pixel Logic to go to sleep sometimes, works a treat! Contrary to all the advice/evidence that phone use before bed is bad for your sleep, this seems to settle me.”

Alison Willard, UK

“Despite being a generally optimistic person, my low self-esteem, anxiety and frustration with my status as a creative soul contemplating a change in direction even as I act as a carer, was taking me to places I did not want to go. Peak changed that.

Within a month of signing up to the advanced subscription I was feeling more confident, at first bullishly so, before finding an emotional balance that remains, buoyed up by the knowledge that in all of Peak’s categories I can outdo anyone of my generation and many of younger ones too.

Attempting to restart a career in writing creatively, yet lacking in experience, I have been able to draw on the confidence Peak has given me, especially through the training in problem-solving and language that its well researched structure enables. I find it encouraging that the games have arisen out of top research projects at notable universities. 

What I found interesting is that the ‘pattern’ that my strengths and weaknesses have corresponds better to other writers than to the artist I used to be, as if to confirm that this is where my strengths have naturally taken me. 

Thank you, Peak.”

Dominic Ramos, UK

I love Peak! The 20 mins a day I spend doing my workout allows me to wind down after work and to have a small amount of time just for myself.

I have never played computer games but I love the different games on Peak and they do challenge my brain! I think I am improving, even at the coordination games which I am not very good at.

Please keep developing new games for Peak

Catherine Griffiths, UK

1) I live in Brazil so the language games have helped me to improve my English.

2) Since I play soccer, the two games with cordennation have helped me a lot.

3) The games with focus have helped me to pay more attention to the teachers in school.

4) The motor skill games help me to answer the questions faster in school.

Also i think that peak is one of the only games that mixes education with fun games, and i think that is one of the best things in peak.

In my opinion I think that peak has nothing that lacks.

– Daniel Lautenschlager, Brazil 

“Peak has been part of my journey to a better self.

It started a few years ago with my dad’s heart attack. At the time he was in his early sixties but already suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension.

His heart attack, from which he recovered, was like a wake-up call for me.

I said to myself: I don’t want to end up with a heart attack in my sixties.

I then started going to the gym and eating healthy.

It’s amazing what this set in motion! By changing my physiology my thoughts started to change too!

I started to look for ways to improve not only my physical health and body but also my mental health and mind.

I started looking at the relationship I was in and my job and since I was not happy with either I decided to leave both, although not at the same time.

I had this idea of starting my own business. Six months before this actually happened, I started getting myself in the state of mind of somebody who is absolutely certain about starting his own business.

It wasn’t a piece of cake as earlier in life, when I was just out of college, I experienced unemployment, which led to mild depression.

So I had to overcome the fear that this was going to happen again.

To do that I started listening to podcasts, watching Youtube videos and reading books by the likes of Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Seth Godin and so on.

I also established a morning routine to help me kickstart my day. 

This includes a gratitude ritual, where I think about things I am grateful for, 10-15 minutes of practising a new language (I am studying Romanian and practice it with my wife, who is originally from there), and training my brain with Peak.

Peak has been with me for most of my journey. Initially I had downloaded it along with 2-3 other apps and for some time I used all of them.

However, Peak has a variety and quality of brain games that I consider superior to the other apps.

With Peak I train all the skills I need to do better as a person and in my job.

By the way, as a result of this journey I ended up launching my own business, a digital marketing agency called and based in Dublin, Ireland.

I am originally from Italy but I have lived in Ireland since 2008. I have worked in digital marketing since 2006. In 2016 I founded, a digital strategy agency, and in 2020 I co-founded The SideBe, a luxury ecommerce platform (work in progress). I have a passion for food (I am vegan), coffee and football (I support Juventus FC).

Pasquale Mellone, Ireland

Well, the reason why I started with the app a couple of years ago, I wanted to get my brain function going early morning due to my working hours. In the beginning, I missed days without going on the app because, at that time, I did not realize the value of the app. Later on, I started going on every day to the point if I miss one day, it felt like I did do my homework. The peak app improves my life but also shows me my shortcomings. In my case language is a problem but it improves day on day.

Wynand Mulder, South Africa

“I have been doing peak brain training every day for about ten years now. I do believe that it wakes my brain up and sets me up for each day.

It has been difficult to actually do the training for the last couple of months while I was under going chemo therapy. That has stopped now and I am slowly getting back to normal.

I am trying to keep my score continuous but one moment of forgetfully and it is back to zero. The longest streak I have manage is 370 days. I will beat that one day. At present I am undergoing chemo therapy so I find the brain training so helpful because it forces my brain to work.”

Michael Davis, UK

Thank you to all of our users for supporting us for the last six years and taking the time to reach out to us. We appreciate each one of you and we can’t wait for what the future holds for Peak!


Sajal Azam

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