You, Your Goals And Coaching

It’s All About Growth

Achieving goals, whether it be in your personal or professional life, can be difficult. This can be down to many factors. Low in motivation? Lack of commitment? Not enough responsibility? These are things which we should hold ourselves accountable for, but often don’t. 

This is where a coach comes in. 

What Is A Coach? 

Essentially, the work of a coach is to teach, train and organise a person or group of people to learn or improve at a sport, skill or subject. Often, coaches are highly trained in their discipline and profession.  They also come in all different shapes and sizes, from sports to personal development. 

Though, the actual role of a coach is much more than just the above. 

A coach will:

  • Analyse your performance 
  • Provide guidance
  • Clarify your vision
  • Plan a route to success
  • Organise your time 
  • Motivate you
  • Help you overcome obstacles.

And most importantly, encourage you to try harder and reach your potential, even when things get tricky. 

Why Do I Need A Coach?

Often in life, you take on challenges to help yourself grow in a professional and personal capacity. This is all a normal part of life, and we all know how great new challenges are for our cognition, right?

Anyway, from time to time, during our growth, we come to stand still, become stuck in a rut, plateaued. To resume making progress and identify the causes of our ruts, a third party, such as a coach can be an essential part of the growing experience. 

Let’s be honest here, achieving goals is no easy feat, especially if you add in the chaos of daily life. A coach is there to help you identify what is going wrong and what it is you can do to improve. 

We all need help from time to time and a coach is a surefire way to making progress and even hitting your goals!

Here at Peak, we understand the importance and value of encouragement orientated coaching. Which is why each time you complete a game or workout, your coach will be there at the end to analyse your performance and provide you with constructive feedback. We want you to reach all of your Peak goals, which is why we have the coach feature, to help you when you need it most.  

So if you’re struggling in a particular area, or you want to brush up on a skill, then it might be time you consider getting yourself a coach!

Sajal Azam

One thought on “You, Your Goals And Coaching

  1. When you are looking to achieve something you try to quantify it in some way so you know what you’re aiming at. In athletics that is usually straightforward because you can watch your personal best increasing and you can attain a higher level and even if you’re never going to be an Olympian a coach can help you improve. If you are writing a book, you know that if you write a thousand words a day you can get the length you need in a hundred days or so. A good editor or a constructive critic can help you hone your style to make the text something others actually want to read.

    If, on the other hand, you want to find love, who can help with that? Every person you meet does not get you any closer to the target unless they turn out to be “the one” in which case you have arrived. This may happen on your first date or maybe the ten thousandth but there is no way of measuring the progress towards that goal. So who can help you achieve an unmeasurable goal?

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