3 Online Treats With Which To Surprise Someone

Lockdown Pick-Me-Up

Be kind to yourself and to your close ones during this bizarre time. Avoid putting pressure on yourself to get super fit, for example. Go easy on yourself when it comes to keeping ‘busy’ and accept that you’ll have many off-days.

Off-days in which you may feel stressed, confused and frustrated. Remind yourself that the thousands of social media posts showing people keeping active, happy and busy in innovative ways aren’t always a true depiction of reality.

Phrases like ‘make the most of it’ and ‘embrace your time at home’ are great. However, they can also add unnecessary pressure and strain, which can limit your ability to relax and may even increase your stress levels. It’s actually okay to feel rubbish, worn out and lethargic.

This is not a situation we’ve been trained to cope with. One way to face it gently, however, is to do small things for others. 

If you want to make just one small and effortless step whilst at home, then we’ve got just the thing. Gifting others. Not only will sending a small gift to a loved one boost their spirits, it’ll also boost your own. And science can prove it. 

Gifting others can increase your brain’s dopamine and happiness levels. 

A study by Elizabeth W. Dunn found that “spending more of one’s income on others predicted greater happiness both cross-sectionally (in a nationally representative survey study) and longitudinally (in a field study of windfall spending)… Participants who were randomly assigned to spend money on others experienced greater happiness than those assigned to spend money on themselves.” In a later study she had shown that “the benefits of such prosocial spending emerge among adults around the world, and the warm glow of giving can be detected even in toddlers.” 

And isn’t it great receiving any form of contact, especially via post, at the moment?

Need gift ideas to boost loved ones during the lockdown? We’ve got 3.  

  1. Lift someone’s spirits and wipe away their blues by sending them a toilet roll or two in the post. As we know, the UK and US has gone nuts when it comes to purchasing loo roll, which has meant that many stores have limited stock left.

    Whether the receiver has or hasn’t got a stash of their own doesn’t matter. If they don’t, they’ll be grateful for the roll’s role in their life. If they do, they’ll be chuffed by the thought and hilarity of receiving such a unique hot-topic item in the post. Win-win. 
  1. Sign them up to the Peak – Brain Training app. Peak has got this nifty way to effortlessly gift the Peak app to a friend. Here’s what they’ll get: 

    Peak Pro is the perfect present for anyone who loves to challenge their brain. With Pro they will get dozens of tailored workouts, insightful analysis of their performance to help them go further and access to the complete catalogue of more than 40 games and activities. Check out all of the simple details to sign them up here.

Is there a better gift than brain training? Arguably not. But we’re biased… 

  1. Send them some tasty snacks in the post. Food is the way to most people’s hearts. And in this writer’s opinion, surprise food in the post is the closest thing to heaven. 

    A few post-worthy snack ideas include The Raw Chocolate Pie Company’s delicious post-sized fudge pie treats. You could try sending the exceptional low-sugar, body-boosting Adonis Bars which taste like a bite of nutty deliciousness.

    Or you could opt to send them their favourite snack which you know they love, either direct from you or from the company online. Also, if they live in London then get onboard with a Just Eat food delivery as a lunch time pick-me-up.

Like we said at the start of this article, be kind to yourself and others during this bizarre time. And be sure to take advantage of your inner gifter and ride that warm glowing wave of giving.

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