Peaksters’ Tips & Tricks For Working From Home

There seems to be a running theme to coping with being at home for such a length of time. (Although, just to point out, some people may be enjoying it.) It seems that keeping busy, taking time out to chill and maintaining a cool head could be the way forward. 

Here at Peak, we’ve gathered the things we’re doing as Peaksters, which are boosting us during this time and included a snippet of science. 

If you have any tips and tricks, please comment below this blog and share your ideas. The more the merrier! 

Peakster Tom: 

Get an intern! We have an imaginary intern who we blame all sorts of things on from leaving the dishes out to forgetting to put the toilet seat down. Keeps us sane. If only we could afford to hire imaginary HR.

Peakster Vittorio:

Keep your routine! Try to set up a space that acts as your home office (if you have a dedicated room, all the better), remove distractions and try to stick to a schedule. While working from home it’s always easy to blur the lines between work and home/family. But as much as you want your productivity to be at the same level, you should take care of your loved ones – all the more so now that we’re so scarce on social contact, which we know is key to mental wellbeing.  

The science: 

Spending time with your family, especially your children can work wonders for morale. Studies like, The Effect of Mother–Child Reading Time on Children’s Reading Skills, by Price et al, highlight how spending time with kids by reading with them “is thought to be an influential input into positive cognitive development… and increase in mother–child reading time increases children’s reading achievement.” The study only included mothers, so the same results may be applicable to fathers too.

Peakster Ben: 

Stay hydrated – you must remember to take breaks and stand up if you need to wee all the time.

Peakster Giorgos: 

Mine is pretty simple – don’t stay in your pjs all day.

The science: 

Dressed for bed? Your brain may subconsciously think that it’s bedtime. And as a result you can feel sluggish, tired and less likely to crack on with other things. Although, if you wanted to treat yourself to a pj day once in a while, then absolutely go for it. 

Peakster Katy: 

Lots of daylight, sitting at a window, going for a walk. Take up a new hobby! I’ve started running, baking and drawing – not great at any yet but just finding new things to do is good.

Peakster Marco: 

Working by the window! Even if I can’t go out, seeing the sun outside makes me feel less like I’m locked in a flat.

Peakster Saj: 

Try and leave the house at least once a day for a walk.

The science: 

Even if you can’t get outside to enjoy nature or the city, there’s another thing you can do… Take a look at a picture of somewhere beautiful and natural. No, seriously. A study by Berman et al found that “walking in nature or viewing pictures of nature can improve directed-attention abilities…” The perfect excuse to take a look at some old holiday snaps.

Peakster Maisie: 

Getting in touch with old friends or people who I haven’t connected with for a while has been extremely helpful. Starting the conversation with ‘Hi, how are you? Hope you and your family are doing okay’ has enabled me to reconnect with old friends without any awkwardness.

I also only allow myself to look at the news updates once a day for 5 minutes, otherwise I end up in a whirl of anxiety and dread. It’s good to remind myself that headlines are NOT the full story, sometimes not even part of the story at all. 

Hopefully these tips will enable you to feel less isolated and allow you to endure this unusual time with more hope and positivity. We can do this. 

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  1. Read some of the books you’ve bought but haven’t taken the time to read…if you’ve read them all, buy a new one and read it. Invest in you.

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