How To Keep Your Brain Active At Home

Brain Activity Tips

Keeping your brain active and your mind stimulated has never been as important as it is right now. It’s often tempting to do as little as possible and revert to hibernation mode. However, keeping your brain and body active and your spirits high is vital. 

Throughout this article, we’ve picked a few effortless ways you can keep your brain boosted during this very unusual time. 

So, sit back, relax and switch that brain ON. 

Switch The Lights

We cannot stress the importance natural light from the sky has on the brain and the body’s optimal function. 

Scientist N. Okudaira et al says that “inadequate illumination could be a source of sleep disturbance, chronobiological disorders, or depression.” 

Limiting your blue light intake is also a bonus for the brain! 

Biohacker Dave Asprey states that “melanopsin sensors inside your eyes have nothing to do with seeing. Instead, they act as circadian controllers. These guys will change your entire circadian rhythm in response to blue light – even in blind people, which is how we know this has nothing to do with visual processing (see research here). Melanopsin is the reason you want to avoid blue light after the sun has gone down and sleep in a completely dark room.” 

His advice? 

“Go outside in the morning or mid-afternoon sunlight and look at the sky for a couple of minutes. Do not look directly at the sun, just the bright sky.”

Can’t get outside? No problem, just look out of a window, preferably an open window. And feel your senses activate. 

Actionable steps: 

  1. Look out of your window at the sky (avoiding the sun) and allow your body clock to adjust. 
  2. Give your eyes a break from the screens we’re all staring at. Just sit with yourself for a while. 
  3. Avoid blue lights such as laptops and phones after sundown. Yes we know this is hard! 

Play Games 

This one’s an easy one. Playing board games and digital games can be an excellent distraction from the mundane day-to-day. 

Studies analysing the benefits for the brain have really ramped up over the past 5 years. With results from studies such as Kaufman et al’s showing “that playing digital games has the potential to be an intervention tool to improve… wellbeing.” 

Games also give you that mini boost during or after your day of working at home.

Actionable steps:

  • Play games and enjoy the time out from your laptop. 
  • Get connected by dialling in friends.
  • Avoid aggressive competitiveness (if you can). 

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Because they’re not. Being indoors and out of sight can have its benefits you know. Even if you flat share, you most likely have a private space like your bedroom.

A study by Murcia et al showed “quantitative and qualitative analysis revealed that dancing has potential positive benefits on well-being in several aspects. In particular, beneficial effects were found related to the emotional dimension, as well as physical, social and spiritual dimensions. In addition, the positive benefits were also linked to self-esteem and coping strategies.” 

 Actionable steps:

  • Get your headphones on. 
  • Turn up the tunes. 
  • Wiggle like nobody’s watching. 

If you can switch off after hours, learn to boogie and look up to the skies, then you’ll be on the right track to keeping your brain active and easing yourself into this indoor lifestyle. 

Stay tuned for more tips coming your way. 

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