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Mathematics is not everyone’s forte and according to, maths is typically a subject people stop engaging with at an early age. 

There can be a number of reasons for this, but this disengagement tends to continue into adult life. Often leading to many awkward moments and one too many apologetic “sorry, maths isn’t my thing” comments. 

We understand your plight and we have created a list of super-duper easy maths tricks that you can wow everyone with. Not only will these help to relieve your maths anxiety, but it will also improve your mathematical skills.

How To Remember Pi 

Pi is a mathematical constant, it’s a long number with a lot of digits. This makes remembering it by heart pretty difficult to do. Whilst you may not be able to remember all the digits, you can remember the first few numbers easily

All you have to do is remember the sentence: 

” How I wish I could calculate pi ” 

The number of letters in each word equals the digits. Which makes pi 3.141592

Quick Addition

This tip requires you to move from left to right, instead of right to left, as many may have been taught. 

If you wanted to workout 64+45

This is how you would set it out: 



So moving from the left, start with the sum of 64+40:


Then add the 5 

104+5= 109

Finding A 20% Tip

With digital calculators at the ready on our iPhones, waiting to be used, calculating is a tip often done from the comfort of our devices. 

However, manually calculating a tip may help to dust off then neurons and exercise your brain

This is how you do it:

Say your bill came to £95 and you wanted to give a 20% tip as per social norms. 

You would start by doing the following division: 

95 divided by 5=19 

So your tip would be £19

Another way to do this is to 

Find 10% of 95, moving the decimal point one space to the left and so that would be 9.5

Once you have done that, times it by 2 and you get you tip of £19

We hope you enjoyed our top three weird and wonderful maths tips and we hope this gives  you some added confidence when it comes to doing maths problems quickly. Try them and see what you think! With minimal brain power required, you can hopefully feel more confident and not let any of your maths anxiety interfere with your day. 

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