Top 4 Math Hack Videos

Become A Master Of Math

It’s time to become a master of math (or maths if you’re British). 

Ready to cast away your arithmetic fears, number worries and multiplication dreads? And up for learning some basic math hacks that’ll get you through the week, without so much as a sweat?

Good, because we’ve plucked 4 math hack videos you can sink your teeth into and actually start to feel a little bit mathsy, après viewing. 

1.How To Multiply In Your head 

This first video explains how to multiply easily and quickly using just your brain, with no calculator in sight. Yikes.

Why is the absence of a calculator so important? Well, many of us rely so heavily on other calculation tools, that we forget to use our brain.

It’s vital we still at least try to multiply in our heads, because this keeps the brain ticking and uses often forgotten parts of the brain which help with math. 

This video tip will be useful in work meetings, figuring out holiday costs for two or more people, the cost of shopping and buying multiple products. It encourages you to abandon the calculator AND a pen and paper so you can truly push your brain to the limit. 

It’s got 2.5 million views too. Enjoy. 

2.How To Multiply Fast On Paper 

This video shows what’s known as the Japanese method of multiplication and once you know it, you’ll use this method for life. 

However, even though this method still requires a pen and paper, you’re still using your brain more than if you used a multiplication tool. You’ll also find it’s quite therapeutic and calming and can tap into your creative side alongside your mathematical brain. 

Ready for your jaw to drop?

3.How To Divide In Your Head

Split the bill with ease, without causing any awkward silences and look like a mathematical genius into the bargain, with this division hack. 

Division is just ouch. In fact, for this writer, division almost physically hurts. But, alas, we’ve sorted a video that will help you to divide like never before. This fast math trick can be used to divide any number by 5, 25 or 125 instantly and easily. Check it out to get dividing in style.

4.Multiplying By 11

This nifty trick is handy if you want to look smart in front of a crowd, or, of course, if you’re multiplying by 11. Kids love this one too. 

Skip to 1:04 in the video. In fact, you might as well watch the entire video to see the bonkers math tricks they have up their sleeves. 

If you can nail these 4 math hack videos, you’ll be well on your way to fearing math no more. And now time for a bit of the sciencey stuff. Thought you’d got away without didn’t you?

A 2015 study by Tanya Evans, called (take a deep breath for this one) Brain Structural Integrity and Intrinsic Functional Connectivity Forecast 6 Year Longitudinal Growth in Children’s Numerical Abilities, found that the benefits of maths for the brain are vast, especially for kids: 

“Here for the first time, we demonstrate the feasibility of forecasting long-term gains in children’s numerical ability based on structural and intrinsic functional brain measures acquired at age 8. We found that the structural integrity of multiple distributed brain areas in the ventro temporal occipital cortex (VTOC), posterior parietal cortex (PPC), and multiple prefrontal cortex (PFC) specifically predicted long-term gains in numerical abilities. 

Intrinsic connectivity analysis provided strong evidence that the VTOC, PPC, and PFC form a network that works in concert to promote successful numerical-skill acquisition. Intrinsic functional circuits associated with the left fusiform gyrus, within the VTOC, had the most extensively connected network that was predictive of gains in numerical ability. 

Our study identifies brain regions and functional circuits that are markers for the prospective development of numerical skills.”

If that isn’t enough reasoning to train your mathematical skills, then we don’t know what is. 

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