How To Get The Highest Score: Brain Training Tips From The Experts

Peak – Brain Training tips from the experts

When it comes to playing Peak you may fall into one of the following categories: 

I play my favourite game on repeat 

You’re the master of your favourite game because you love it and you’ve trained yourself to be good at it. Continuously crushing your top score and feeling that confidence boost. And you’re not keen on trying other games as you don’t always do as well.

I play all the games pretty averagely 

You’re a player of all and a master of none. You like to dip in out of Word Fresh, dabble in and out of Pixel Logic and have a tinker with Must Sort. Your scores are consistently okay but you’re not an expert at any. It’s fun but can feel like you aren’t progressing at times. 

I play all the games and I’m THE master of all 

You play all of Peak’s brain training games and you’re an expert. 

If this is you, we bow down to you and say don’t waste your time reading this as you’ll know all the tips and tricks and could probably write this top tips article with your eyes closed.

However, if you’re not an expert and fall under the other 2 categories, you may benefit from our top tips to crack Peak and get the highest scores. 

We’ve asked 2 of our in-house Peak experts, Steph one of our Product Managers (who has an 800 day streak!) and Adam one of our Lead Unity Engineers (who has been playing for 5 years) to share their brain training secrets, tips and advice so you can get the highest scores on Peak. 

Ready to set some new records? 

Before we get onto individual game tactics, it’s vital to look at how to approach Peak – Brain Training as a whole. In the same way you’d look at an entire recipe before focusing on the individual ingredients and processes that go into making the end dish. 

Super-player Steph recommends the following: 

  • Keep up momentum
  • It’s great to try to keep up momentum by playing at least a couple of games per day (plus you’ll keep your streak going!). Your performance definitely can be impacted when you’re having a bad day, but even on those days, it’s nice to have a sense of achievement, plus it’s interesting to note the impact on your performance from being tired and stressed!
  • Keep your streak going 
  • To keep your streak, you just need to complete one workout in the app – this doesn’t necessarily need to be your Daily Workout. While I like to complete a full daily workout of 6 games, if I’m very busy or tired, I’ll just complete the ‘Coffee Break’ workout which is just 3 games. 
  • Choose a regular slot 
  • It’s good to have a habit of playing Peak at a regular time. I’m a real night owl, so personally I like to complete my workout just after midnight, about an hour before I go to bed. This has the added bonus that if for some reason I miss my workout, I have the whole next day to catch up without losing my streak. 
  • Know your scores 
  • You can find your overall scores for each game in the Stats tab. These are different from your high scores in the game and represent your current performance and change mathematically to represent your performance against other players.

Peak Pro Adam recommends the following: 

  • Go for the achievements
  • For the games I have reached the top level of, I like to keep them exciting by trying to complete all the achievements for each. This can also change the way you play them, as some of the achievements encourage no mistakes or streaks rather than always chasing the highest score.

Now it’s time to get stuck into the juicy gaming details and uncover how to get the highest Peak – Brain Training scores:

How To Get The Highest Score On Word Fresh

Steph’s tip: 

The scoring in Word Fresh is based on both the length of the words found and the value of the tiles used for those words, multiplied by ten. For example, a 3 letter word with tiles adding to 5 would be worth 3 x 5 x 10 = 150 points. To get the most points, you need to find a balance between looking for long words or words using the highest scoring tiles and just going for all the easy words with the basic tiles. 

If you spend too much time looking for harder words, you’ll be wasting time when you could be scoring loads of points on simple words – but look out for easy wins on hard letters or long words! 

How To Get The Highest Score On Word Path

Adam’s tip:

Make a direct path from one starting point to the other, but don’t finish it straight away. Then, using your remaining time, make as many words as you can from that path before connecting the points.

How To Get The Highest Score On Pixel Logic

Steph’s tip: 

In Pixel Logic, you should never need to guess a tile as there will always be a tile that logically must go in a certain place. 

It’s easiest to start with the rows where you’re told the longest sequences and place all the tiles that you are sure about. For example, in a 6 x 6 grid, for a ‘6’ row you can fill all the spaces, or for a ‘5’ row you can fill the 4 middle spaces (as the 5 might fill the spaces on either end). 

If you are really stuck and struggling to figure out the next square, try to forget all the ideas you’ve been working through and look at the puzzle with fresh eyes. A good way to do this is to switch from selecting squares to marking the squares that cannot have a tile and methodically go line by line marking these places. Often, once you have marked these, you’ll realise there is a place that a tile must go that you originally overlooked!

How To Get The Highest Score On Must sort

Adam’s tip: 

For the levels other than the hardest difficulty you can just focus on the colours of the pots in your peripheral vision rather than the shapes, you’ll find you can sort the targets much faster.

How To Get The Highest Score On Speed Spotting

Steph’s tip: 

It is very useful to have your sound switched on while playing Speed Spotting, as there are distinctive sounds when a new Peakster (bad or good) is added to the game. 

The triangle Peaksters are the worst and they steal points at a much higher rate – you can tell when you have a triangle Peakster by the vibration during the game. When you have one of these in the game, you should prioritise getting rid of it, over any other bad Peakster!

Look out for the good Peaksters (the round ones). Holding down your finger on these can refresh some of your points!

How To Get The Highest Score On Happy River

Steph’s tip: 

If you want to move the baby elephant forward, you don’t have to swipe forward, you can also just tap the screen.

Try to mostly be moving forward, as this is the quickest movement; swipe to the sides when you might just miss a tile in front and only move backward if you are at risk of going off the side of the screen. 

Try to look a couple of rows ahead of where you are – sometimes you’ll be able to tap twice or a few times in quick succession and get further across the river, very quickly!

How To Get The Highest Score On Babble Bots

Adam’s tip:

Use shorter words first to build up your multiplier, then use longer words to take advantage of the points increase.

How To Get The Highest Score On Jump Control

Steph’s tip: 

In my opinion, it’s easiest to play Jump Control using two hands and with your phone on a flat surface. There’s less chance that you’ll accidentally take your fingers off the screen. 

Instead of thinking about placing fingers on the screen, I find it helpful to frame it as taking fingers off the screen, (i.e. the base case is to have all fingers pressing on the screen) this helps to stop you from accidentally taking your fingers off from one circle to the next.

How To Get The Highest Score On Perilous path

Adam’s tip: 

Watch for pinch points in the obstacles so you can plan your path around them.

With tips like these, you’ll be able to push your highest scores and your brain even further. Share your tips in the comments below, to help other players surpass their potential and hit those high scores! 

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Maisie Bygraves

16 thoughts on “How To Get The Highest Score: Brain Training Tips From The Experts

  1. I have been at 99%pc for a months with 865 score. I though it would be impossible to increase from 96 to 97 to 98 and finally 99%. Language is increasing slowly and is at 85%. I found It important to train on the games with low scores for better peak. Some games I absolutely hate and avoid as much as possible; baggage claim (212620), wizzard 58250), tap trap (27005), zap gap (12880) and flame (12781).

  2. In pixel Logic I don’t pass 32,000 points and to pass to the last level I need to reach 46,000 points and I don’t know the reason because I am always at a 98% percentage with respect to the rest of the players of that level. could give an explanation, thank you very much

  3. Hi,

    I play this game for a long time, I love it! Since a couple of weeks, there are some new games (word fresh zen, connect em up, apprentice wizard and decoder). All these games are not count for the brain level, when will they do?

    please reply,



  4. In Grow and Word Fresh Zen, words are routinely rejected that I later find in the dictionary! It wastes my time and is frustrating. You also regularly reject plurals even though you suggest doing all forms of the word in Grow. Why? If you are going to reject some and not others, what can a player do?
    Also, in WFZ, aren’t we supposed to use the highlighted letter in each word? To get a higher score? I don’t get your comment, “eliminating one multiplier from the board means another will appear!”
    Thank you for explaining. Your site does not address these issues. Jane

  5. I cannot progress properly in JUMP CONTROL as I am finding that the program will perform jumps even when my fingers remain tight to the screen. I have been playing premium for 3-4 years and this has always been the case. Perhaps I am not understanding the game properly?

  6. Turtle traffic does NOT score correctly. Whether I have a no error game or many, the score remains constant. Very UNmotivating.

  7. Also, on Babble Bots, Set yourself a pattern with how you enter words, in order to be more predictable for when you have to play error-free games to advance through levels. This is more meaningful when you have the letter ‘S’ and you can’t afford to enter the same words again without ruining how perfect your game is to that point. One might always enter the form of the word ending in S after all other, shorter words, and only change forms after they are all entered. For example: “TUN, TUNS, TUNE, TUNES, TUNER, TUNERS”

  8. Pixel Logic is my favourite. I regularly score 45000+ with a top score of 46250. I never use the paint tile option as it appears to me to be a distraction.

    1. How the hell do you score above 20,000 on pixel logic? I’m in the 98th percentile including 96th percentile for problem solving, but I simply can’t get above 19,400 on this game. I just don’t see how I can clear the game any quicker. Am I missing something..?

      1. Jason, focus on hitting the achievements. Often as they’re unlocked, the gameplay and scoring changes. I recall struggling with one of the achievements for Pixel Logic, possibly the same one you’re on. As soon as I succeeded, my scores jumped 10k points. By the way, because scoring changes in this way, it’s truly worthless to compare scores with anyone else. It also gives a false sense of improvement. I clearly didn’t get 50% better at Pixel Logic in five minutes, despite what my score showed.

  9. A tip for Must Sort… Just remember the shapes on one side, then everything that doesn’t match goes to the other – that way there’s only one decision, match or not, rather than ‘match, which side’. It works for me anyway!

  10. Hi,
    Has the streak setting been changed recently?
    While on the free version, getting that streak going was a motivator for me.
    Of late completing the free 3 games does not get you a streak.
    Big fan!

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