10 Tell-All Questions With Peak’s Founder, Xavier

Q. Peak is officially 5 years young! How does it feel reaching this point? 

A. I would never have thought we would have reached this point 5 years ago! 🙂 Most tech products don’t make the cut nor make it through the survival of the fittest; they usually die before reaching customers or end up not being engaging enough in the long run. And of those happy few products still being used, most of them don’t actually impact our daily lives. So to have built something which has been positively helping more than 60 million users over the past 5 years and keeping their brains active in a fun and engaging way, is pretty unique and overall I feel proud of what we have achieved as a team. But 5 years is also not a long time, which means there is still so much to be done and improved.

Q. What’s your first significant memory of Peak? 

A. I still remember the first release of Peak brain training in Australia in March 2014. The product experience was SO much worse than today. We had only 8 games, a basic workout loop, no insights… And we really didn’t know how to present the experience on the homepage. We displayed an image of a peak (literally) when we launched back then. Makes me laugh just thinking about it, but thankfully for our Peak players, it shows how much we’ve iterated and improved the Peak experience ever since.

Q. When was the moment you thought, “Yes, I’m pretty proud of this” and what triggered it? 

A. Actually still waiting for this moment. I have never stopped doubting what we do and therefore always look for ways to improve and optimise. Maybe this is what has made us successful.

Q. Name your top 2 most exciting moments at Peak.

A. Hard to pin down as we have had so many exciting moments at Peak. The most exciting has probably been when we launched Peak on the App Store 5 years ago on Thursday 4th September 2014. We had no idea how much Apple would feature us at the time, so when we discovered at 5.01pm (after refreshing our screens 30 times per minute) that we were Apple’s Editorial Choice and being the main app featured in approx 150 countries, we went berserk and couldn’t stop refreshing our screens non-stop for another hour. That was the official birth of the Peak app. 😉

The second most exciting moment (and probably the scariest) was when we had a visit from a very well-known French minister in the office… And my heart dropped when I discovered 30 mins before she arrived, that we would have dozens of TV and radio journalists joining too. We were overwhelmed by the media wave and so many cameras and it was by far my baptism of fire of TV and media interviews.

Q. For those wanting to begin their own start up, what would be your biggest bit of advice? 

A. Easier said than done but if I can give a few pieces of advice:

– Do not stay in your comfort zone. New stuff does not happen when you sit comfortably at your desk behind your computer.

– Don’t do it alone. You need a great band to build great music with you. 

– Be Resilient and learn from what didn’t work out. I didn’t stop when the investors didn’t invest initially. I didn’t stop when the metrics were not good enough initially. I didn’t stop when a few key members of the team left.

– Try to solve big problems. Life is too short to spend time building stuff which isn’t useful for the greater good.

Q. Looking at Peak today, how has it changed over the last 5 years? 

A. It feels like Peak Season 5 some days. There are a lot of new and different faces compared to season 1. We have grown up a lot, with all the good and the bad that come with it (experience vs communication and focus). The office is so much nicer and bigger.

Q. 5 years of playing Peak. Which game is your favourite and why? 

A. Pixel Logic. I love logic & puzzle games and I never get tired of playing this one. It is so good that we’ve launched our stand-alone version named Quixel Logic which has more than 800 levels.

Download Quixel Logic here:

Q. And your least favourite? 

A. Tunnel Trance. Probably the most mind taxing of all and hard to replay/stay focused for more than 5 minutes. 

Q. How else do you train your brain? 

A. Managing the Peak company is the most stimulating training of all!  Seriously though, there’s no silver bullet, I just try to have a healthy/holistic lifestyle with regular physical activity, eating well, getting a good night’s sleep, reading books and engaging in cognitive activities.

Q. Where do you see Peak in 5 years time?

A. There is much more we can do. We have launched games that scientists have shown to improve a player’s memory or attention and we have taken part in studies that demonstrate that we can detect early signs of cognitive impairment. I have never been more confident when I say that  Peak – Brain Training works and I’m looking forward to seeing cognitive training become as popular as mindfulness in the next 5 years.

Also, the team here have been relentless about finding novel ways to improve our users’ cognitive performance in a way that is complementary to the Peak – Brain Training app and that’s why we have recently risen to the challenge of sleep with our most recent app Peak Sleep – Sleep better.

See what you think of Peak Sleep – Sleep Better by tapping on the button below and downloading the app:

Maisie Bygraves

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