1619 Days In A Row?! 8 Questions With One Of Peak’s Longest Of All Time Users

Q. Hi Andrew, you’re a Peak hero! You’ve been training with Peak since March 23rd 2015. That’s 1619 days in a row! How does it feel to be crowned one of our top 5 longest streak users?

A. It feels great! I hadn’t realised how long I’ve been using Peak. I’ve seen it develop and grow into a broader and more comprehensive brain training app.

Q. What’s your favourite game and why? 

A. There are lots of games I really enjoy and a few I’m less keen on. My favourites would mainly be the Language games with Word Fresh a particular favourite. It combines speed of thought, knowledge of words and visual dexterity. (Also a plug for Pixel Logic, Castle Block and Slider – old favourites now!)

Q. WordFresh is our number 1 game. Please share with us your top 3 tactics when it comes to playing Peak.


1. Concentrate, no distractions, both practically and in terms of mindset. This helps if you make a mistake, so you can move on.

2. Understand how the game works. Replay the instructions a few times if necessary. It makes a difference to understand what’s most important – usually a balance between speed, time, making no mistakes and dexterity. The key skill varies (one of the things that’s most fun to work out).

3. Use of personal targets for each game as well as overall. And then keep extending them. This might be the score on some games to the absence of errors on others. If I have this in mind then the repetition of some games doesn’t seem to matter, there is always a quicker or more accurate way to complete most games.

Q. When and where do you brain train with Peak the most?

A. Usually with a cup of tea at the kitchen table soon after I’ve got up! But I have been known to ‘brain train’ at a noisy railway station waiting for a train or with grandchildren offering advice over my shoulder (not to be recommended!)

Q. How do you feel today compared with day 1 of your streak? 

A. Older! Actually, I’ve always enjoyed puzzles, problem-solving etc and that is what attracted me to Peak initially. I do feel reassured that I’ve been able to develop and maintain my interest and skills and, even now, sometimes surpass scores and targets 

Q. Was there ever a day you nearly didn’t manage to complete a streak?

A. Plenty of days. The routine really helps, as do reminders. I find it relaxing and on some days a good way of taking my mind off other things. I have a former work colleague with whom I regularly go walking who is a regular Peak user. We can talk about the strategies and benefits of using Peak for ages – much to the amusement (and no doubt bemusement) of any others we may be with!

Q. What else do you do with your day besides brain training? 

A. I am retired from paid work. I do some unpaid work mainly from home that can be taxing mentally. I also have considerable caring responsibilities at home. Peak is therefore an excellent way to ‘brain train’ alongside other tasks. Looking back to my final job that was in professional staff development, it was very much about developing strategies and training programmes to enable people to make the best use of their abilities, it’s therefore no surprise to me that I wanted to continue to ‘train’ my own brain.

Q. Anything new you’d like to see from Peak?


  • Nothing fundamental though I would happily see 1 or 2 games ditched that seem very similar to me (sorry!). There are two Rush back games, the Colour game and possibly another where the same skills of speed and recognition are required (I realise there may be more to it, perhaps at another level?). That does make me think, I do like games where you move through levels, it gives an incentive and can be more testing. I realise that not all games lend themselves to this. 

  • I realise that there is much more available on the app than I make use of. Some of the science behind certain games and individual game targets are available (and probably much more) but I rarely look there. Perhaps that can be more ‘in your face’ somehow. The reminders of progress are helpful but I get more detail from my gym. That sounds critical, I realise it may be easier said than done but I guess the gym is trying to maintain custom as well as attract new members – as Peak is doing.

  • I would always welcome a new Language game! But that would be for my benefit! We don’t seem to have had one for a long time.

Want to start a winning streak like Andrew has? Maybe you’ll be next to feature in our longest streaker hall of fame in 5 years time! If you want to be in with a chance and/or want to train your brain and reap some cool benefits then download the Peak – Brain Training app today and get training. Click to download:

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One thought on “1619 Days In A Row?! 8 Questions With One Of Peak’s Longest Of All Time Users

  1. Happy Birthday Peak, I wish you many many more! Can’t get enough! I love the challenges that come with playing the great games from a variety of categories, whether I’m playing
    to make no mistakes, beat previous score I’m having fun reaching the next levels. The . Peak App makes it easy for me take to time every day to simply relax, focus, and forget about everything else. I also found that frustration ( game ending results at times😉) can be fun too! I thoroughly enjoy and love my daily Peak Time.
    Happy Birthday!

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