3 Videos Exposing The Brain’s Arousal Response

Your Brain’s Response To Sex

Guess what? Sex isn’t just a physical thing, it’s mental too. You may already know this, but did you know the unbelievable intricate details of what really goes on in your brain during sex? From amazing chemical responses and ecstasy-like feelings to natural healing and brain-boosting benefits the hours following, there’s still so much to learn about the science of sex and the brain. 

We’ve watched hours of footage (some great, some awful) and we’ve chosen our top 3 science-backed videos explaining how the brain responds to sexual stimulation. 

Your Brain Wants You To Have Sex. Here’s How That Works by NBC News 

This video gets into the real nitty gritty chemically details. It explains how the hypothalumus fuels your lust and stimulates the production of sex hormones testosterone and estrogen from the testes or ovaries. It describes how the prefrontal cortex closes down during sexual intercourse which means you may lose control of your senses and thoughts. It also throws in some brain-boggling facts such as this one: “30 different regions of your brain go wild in the moment of climax.” 

Want to find out why you get that post-sex afterglow, a mood-boost and a tonne of bonding hormones? This video on the brain’s arousal response is the one to watch for all the answers. 

Scientists Study The Healing Power Of Sex, Brain Power by TODAY

This video looks into the healing powers of sex by testing the brain’s response during intercourse. With an awkward presenter struggling to talk about sex, it makes for a great watch from the word go. The presenter reports on how a married couple are having their brains monitored whilst being sexually stimulated by one another (at this point the presenter is not coping, especially when they come out to talk to her once finished). 

Neuroscientist Nicole Prause is one of the only scientists studying the healing power of sex and sexual stimulation on the brain. She explains how one day it may be possible for sexual stimulation therapies to take the place of medicinal pain relief for things such as focus, anxiety and migraines. She’s also now developing a headset for the brain to “help you get in the mood” and boost labido when couples aren’t in sync with one another. 

This video explains how and why sex and meditation as medicine could be the next big thing in the world of sex and healing. A must watch for science fanatics!

Your Brain On Sex by Fact Fueled 

Looking for some fast facts (only 1 minute long) on what happens to your brain during sex? This video makes for the perfect antidote. You’ll quickly learn some cool (or should we say hot) scientific facts to dish out at dinner parties during awkward silences. 

The most mind-blowing fact we learnt is that if you stare at a blue surface during orgasm, it can actually intensify the sensation. How crazy is that? Of course there’s scientific reasoning behind it. And it’s all due to the angle the optic nerve enters the brain. So go grab that blue paint people! Only joking. But watch this vid on sex and the brain to gain some interesting insights and jaw-dropping facts. 

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