3 Brain-Boosting Sex Tips

Let’s talk about sex. 

Healthy sex has sooo many benefits, especially when it comes to the positive impact it can have on your brain. In fact, it can boost you in more ways than you can even imagine. And we predict that research on sex and the brain is going to be rife in 2020.

So don’t be surprised to see more and more incredible findings surfacing and being shared by neuroscientists and psychologists. For now, as a starter, we’ve focused on 3 brain-boosting sex tips which may elevate your health and surprise you along the way. 

Tip 1. Choose The Self-Service Option 

Research has shown that the effect orgasms have on the brain can be super-beneficial. Although, interestingly for females, this all depends on how the orgasm was achieved.

It turns out that when females respond to partner-stimulated orgasms, parts of the female brain “shut down.” The brain responds to partner-stimulated orgasms by closing off the regions associated with sex and emotion, as a sort of coping mechanism. The Happy Brain by Dean Burnett describes this process: “It’s like being deafened by a tornado, or blinded by a flash; there’s just too much sensation, so the brain has to basically hit the circuit breakers to stop things being overloaded… There’s too much activity to handle for the normal apparatus that deals with mood and emotion.”

However, when self-stimulating to reach orgasm, Burnett describes how female brains, “need to do much more work, as one is having to think a lot more to achieve the level of arousal necessary.” The benefits of this type of thinking means a female can experience increased brain activity – a win-win outcome.

What can we deduct from this science-backed info? We’ll leave that up to you.

Tip 2. Choose To Have More, More, More Of It 

This sex tip involves having more healthy sex. You may feel a little shafted after finding out that this is the second tip. It’s a bit like saying, “Eat less sugar to reduce your sugar cravings,” which is unhelpful and pretty useless really, however hearing about how having more sex has quick-win benefits for your relationship, may excite you. 

A study by the Department of Psychology, Florida State University and the Department of Psychology, University of California: Quantifying the Sexual Afterglow: The Lingering Benefits of Sex and Their Implications for Pair-Bonded Relationships found that sex has what they call an “afterglow” effect.

The aim of this study was to discover how partners remain psychologically bonded/close between sexual acts by exploring “how long sexual satisfaction would remain elevated following sex.” They predicted that “stronger sexual afterglow would characterize more satisfying partnerships.” And they were right.

Their results showed that “sexual satisfaction remained elevated approximately 48 hours after sex and spouses experiencing a stronger afterglow reported higher levels of marital satisfaction both at baseline and over time.” They concluded that increased sex promotes pair bonding. This is an awesome tip to strengthen your relationship. Check out this blog on the power of strengthening your relationship and the amazing benefits it can have on your brain.  

Tip 3. Nail Your Heart Rate Variability 

You may be thinking that this is a little far fetched, but hear us out. A study by the University of the West of Scotland looked at resting heart rate variability (HRV) which is seen as “a predictor of health and longevity” and now, it turns out, orgasm potential. It’s already known that better erectile function can be associated with greater resting HRV, so these scientists wanted to prove that a greater resting HRV resulted in more orgasms through penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI). And they did. 

They found that greater resting HRV is associated with orgasm frequency, through PVI. (Although, interestingly, the findings are not the same with orgasms from other sources.) 

These findings allude to the fact that there’s a possibility healthier people may have a greater resting HRV and therefore more frequent orgasms. Moral of the story here folks is to get that HRV in check by moving, meditating and focusing on your breathing and potentially enjoy more orgasms. Yikes. WHERE’S THE NEAREST TREADMILL?!

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