Peak Has Got A New Look

And Things Have Got Personal

We’ve made a few changes to the look and feel of our brain training app so it’s the best it can be for you and your brain! These include: 

More Personalisation

  • A more personalised Peak experience, with a new way to access your advanced and skill specific workouts.

Optimised Tracking

  • You can now track your performance with a new focus on Peak Brain Score and Streak.

Clearer Objectives

  • You can now focus on progress made, with clear Objectives for every game.

If you don’t already know, here’s what the Peak – Brain Training app is all about: 

Our award-winning brain training app has been developed with science in mind, testing you on different areas of your brain, including your focus, memory, problem solving skills and mental agility. 

Our best science-backed app game


This is one of Peak’s most-loved games. Play consists of looking at and remembering the locations of different objects before they’re suddenly hidden. Random objects then pop up and must be matched to the location of the original object (if your memory allows it.) Challenging, brain-boggling stuff. 

Why It’s Good For Your Brain

This memory game focuses on working memory and spatial memory skills. 

It exercises your episodic memory, the bit of the brain that helps you keep track of things like that random place you left your keys last night or where that flippin’ TV remote is. 

We developed this memory game for all ages in partnership with Professor Barbara Sahakian and Cambridge University. Barbara published a study showing that schizophrenia patients who trained with Wizard improved in memory and had better outcomes on the Global Assessment of Functioning scale (a scale depicting how serious mental illness is) compared to patients who received treatment as usual. 

These findings are simply incredible and open up so many doors for neuroscientists and their research on memory. 

Read this article to discover the best memory games for adults

Download the app if you haven’t already got it:

Maisie Bygraves

4 thoughts on “Peak Has Got A New Look

  1. I press peak as I have over the past few years and it shows itself and then disappears
    This keeps happening since the new look
    Can u reconnect me please?

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