Your Brain-Gut Connection Revealed. Plus A Science-Backed Recipe

Article At A Glance:

  • We’ll explain how your brain and gut are connected
  • Why your brain and body’s connection is key to your health
  • How lutein can benefit your brain
  • How certain nutrition has been shown to improve cognitive function
  • A delicious recipe to potentially boost your brain-gut connection

Your brain and gut are more connected than you may have first thought. 

Physically they look far away from one another, too far to be connected. Yet internally their tight-knit connection has been and is still being proven time and time again. 

Why is the brain-gut connection so important to how you function? 

A 2016 study The brain-gut interaction: the conversation and the implications answers this question perfectly:

“Bi-directional interactions between the gut and the brain play a role in health and disease. It is involved in glucose homeostasis, satiety and obesity, functional gastrointestinal disorders and possibly in inflammatory disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease. Data is starting to elucidate the conversation between the mini brain, enteric nervous system (ENS) and the central nervous system.” 

So how can you potentially help your brain-body/brain-gut connection? The answer is seemingly simple: start with what you’re putting in your gut via your food intake. 

With heaps of recipes for “brain health” saturating Google, you may find it tricky to choose the best recipe for your cognitive health and brain function. So we’ve scoured the web for you, reviewing the most-referenced ingredients when it comes to brain health and created our very own brain-gut recipe. Tried, tested and loved might we add. 

It turns out that one of the ultimate superfood ingredients to focus on is the almighty and oh so humble avocado. 

How does eating avocados benefit the brain? Science-backed studies have shown that avocado consumption increases neural lutein and improves cognitive function. Suggesting that eating avocados to increase neural lutein is “an effective dietary strategy for cognitive health.”  What is neural lutein? According to Nutritional News “lutein – a carotenoid or pigment found in many fruits and vegetables – was primarily known as a nutrient for good eye health. But new research shows that it may also play a role in developing and maintaining brain function, and may enhance learning and memory.” Further to this, a study done on rats found that “avocado oil improves mitochondrial function and decreases oxidative stress in brains of diabetic rats.”

So avocado really is even more of a superfood than we first thought. 

And now it’s time for the best bit: the ultimate Chocolate Avocado Mousse recipe

Organic Avocado Chocolate Mousse Recipe

​The sound of an avocado in mousse is probably either a total shock to you or a shoulder shrug. Either way, we’re going to turn you into a fellow mousse-aholic with this oh-so-easy organic recipe. 

This perfect healthy pudding or tasty paleo snack is an amazing treat for guests and at dinner parties. It’s up to you if you divulge that it’s avocado pudding. But watch their faces when you do. Especially once you explain the potential cognitive benefits they’ll gain from eating this amazing superfood. 

Warning: This avocado treat can be seriously addictive. 

Ready to make the perfect paleo, high-fat, low-sugar, raw(ish) dessert? Go, go go…

This avocado mousse recipe makes 1 big portion or 2 smaller. We say go big or go home… 

The Ingredients

1 ripe organic avocado

½ cup of organic cacao powder OR ½ cup of melted 90% chocolate 

50 to 100(ish) mls spring water (the more water the less thick it’ll be)

⅓ cup of organic grass-fed butter or organic coconut oil 

Up to 1 TBSP xylitol or Stevia (taste test for sweetness)

The Recipe

1. Gently melt the chocolate and butter/coconut oil in a pan (don’t let it boil)

2. Pour the melted chocolate & butter/coconut oil into your blender

3. Remove avocado skin and stone & add avocado to blender 

4. Add water & sweetener to the blender

5. Blend, baby, blend until smooth 

Serving Suggestion 

Spoon mixture into a colourful bowl and let it set in your fridge (if you can resist eating it straight away.) 

Add sprigs of mint for a pretty flourish or top with organic Ceylon cinnamon for a festive feel.

Enjoy! And thank us later. 

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Maisie Bygraves

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