The Best Memory Games For Adults

Fun, quick, memory-enhancing games you can play anywhere, anytime.

When you think of memory games for adults, what comes to mind? We imagine one of the following:

“Love ‘em. Memory games are a fun way for me to get a quick brain workout.”


“You must be joking! Memory games are boring and a load of rubbish.”

Or maybe you’re somewhere in-between the two.

The team at Peak – Brain Training are here to sway you to think the former, by showing you the best science-backed and memory-enhancing games of 2019.

What do we mean by “science-backed memory games?” All games featured in this article are backed up by scientific research to prove they can develop and strengthen cognitive abilities and improve memory function.

Think it’s too late to train your brain and memory for the better? Well, as Friederike Fabritus, MS puts it in her bestselling book The Leading Brain:

“It may be true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but then we aren’t dogs.”

So have some fun, discover how malleable your neuroplasticity really is and focus on improving your memory with this selection of challenging memory games and hard puzzles for adults.

The Best Memory Games

Wizard by Peak – Brain Training

A sneak preview of our science-backed memory game Wizard. The image shows the boxes mentioned int the article.
A sneak preview of our science-backed memory game Wizard

How to play Wizard

This is one of Peak’s most-loved games. Play consists of looking at and remembering the locations of different objects before they’re suddenly hidden. Random objects then pop up and must be matched to the location of the original object (if your memory allows it.) Challenging, brain-boggling stuff.

Why It’s Good For Your Brain

This memory game focuses on working memory and spatial memory skills.

It exercises your episodic memory, the bit of the brain that helps you keep track of things like that random place you left your keys last night or where that flippin’ TV remote is.

We developed this memory game for all ages in partnership with Professor Barbara Sahakian and Cambridge University. Barbara published a study showing that schizophrenia patients who trained with Wizard improved in memory and had better outcomes on the Global Assessment of Functioning scale (a scale depicting how serious a mental illness is) compared to patients who received treatment as usual.

These findings are simply incredible and open up so many doors for neuroscientists and their research on memory.

Top Brain Training Memory Games

Baggage Claim by Peak – Brain Training

How To Play

This fun brain game gets you to memorise the cities you are shown on the board. The cities are then taken away and you’re then asked to perform an unrelated task for a while and then thrown back to the city board and asked to try to recall as many of the original cities that featured as possible. Puzzling, tricky and with a geographical twist.

Why It’s Good For Your Brain

A study: Can cognitive leisure activity prevent cognitive decline in older adults? A systematic review of intervention studies (catchy name right?) looked at the power of playing games which cause intellectual stimulation on your cognitive function, e.g. board games. A high proportion of the studies showed “improvement in some cognitive domain, observed across multiple cognitive domains and on working memory.” The action of learning new skills was seen as a particularly effective tool when it came to memory improvement.  

Top Cognitive Training Games

Trivial Pursuit

How To Play Trivial pursuit

An absolute classic, an original! This memory game is one of the best known in the world and can benefit your cognitive and memory skills. Although not a quick game, it’s always an aggression-fuelled competitive hoot.

This game involves answering questions on your own or as part of a team/group on a given category such as Geography, Entertainment, History and Science. If answered correctly you make your way around the board towards the finish line. Of course there are a few extra steps and rules thrown in along the way, but that’s for you to find out.

Warning: watch out for some fun sponges who memorise all the questions to Trivial Pursuit (cool memory skills but irritating players).

Why It’s Good For Your Brain

Playing Trivial Pursuit taps into your implicit memory recall, as the study Implicit memory: Retention without remembering describes. They looked at measures of human memory, such as recall or recognition, plus the relation between explicit and implicit memory.

Your implicit memory helps you perform certain tasks without conscious awareness of previous experiences.

“One test involved answering general knowledge questions on “games such as Trivial Pursuit.” They found that “Phenomena studied under the rubric of implicit memory may have important implications in many other fields, including social cognition, problem solving, and cognitive development.” This means that playing recall memory games such as Trivial Pursuit can also benefit other areas of the brain.

Why Do You Need To Train Your Brain And Memory?

  • Memory games exercise and “sharpen” your memory.
  • Playing more memory games can work on your overall cognitive function.
  • Memory games are stimulating and fill your train commute quite nicely.

Yowza! On that note we’re off to get brain training.

Where To Find The Best Memory Games For Adults? Start right here by downloading the Peak – Brain Training app and playing Wizard:

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