The ONE app Selena Gomez has on her phone

What is the one app Selena Gomez uses?

With all the noise on social media which has erupted, ironically, around Selena Gomez after her comments, “Social media has been terrible for my generation,“ and commenting on the “dangerous and devastating” effects social media has on the younger generation, it’s intriguing to find out that she does, however, have ONE app on her phone that she loves to use.

What is the one app Selena Gomez uses?

Drum roll please…

It’s our Peak – Brain Training app.

The star spoke to ELLE Magazine and said, “I have no apps on my phone, no photo editing apps. I have Peak, a brain game.” You may be thinking, “Well what about Selena’s massively followed Instagram account?!” Turns out she accesses her Instagram account on her friend’s phone, so Peak – Brain Training truly is the only ultimate app Selena tunes into.

In fact we’re now thinking that maybe her new song “I can’t get enough” could be a dedication to our app…

Why does Selena Gomez love our app? Well, it’s the perfect example of a modern app which influences the brain in a positive way, instead of causing “dangerous and devastating” effects. How? We invest in science-backed research and work with neuroscientists from top UK and US universities, resulting in keeping your brain sharp, boosting your mood and exercising your cognitive power.

Here are a few comments from a few more fans of Peak:

“From a team of developers, psychologists and neuroscientists, Peak is a great app for keeping your brain active… Some of these (games) seem simple at first, but they quickly become more challenging. There are workouts to test memory, focus and problem solving – all of them fun, engaging, and the ideal way to while away the daily commute.”

Tech Radar

“One of the sleekest brain training apps available, and listed as one of the Guardian’s Top 5 Brain Training Apps, Peak has a wonderfully polished collection of brain training games which cover several areas. With memory, attention and mental agility games, Peak has it all.”

Mighty Gadget

“In a world in which our brains are almost constantly overstimulated, many of us may find it challenging to stay focused for extended periods. Researchers from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom have now developed an app that trains the mind to maintain concentration.”

Medical News Today

“…Not only would it be good for staying focused at work but also for people dealing with brain trauma.”

America’s Digital Goddess Kim Komando

“Peak is one of the brainiest brain-training apps available. It has a polished collection of mini-games covering subjects including memory, language, mental agility, and attention.

Centurion Record

“5 Apps to Boost Your Brain Power… Peak helps you make the most of your play time by pushing your thinking to its peak for a short interval of time. Think of it as the high-intensity interval training routine of brain training: short bursts, lots of energy, quick results.”


So there we have it, Selena Gomez and a few fantastic social networks have spoken and it looks like they agree on at least one thing… Peak Brain Training is a pretty great science-backed app which is worthy enough to take up space on Selena Gomez’s phone and pinch some of her time.

Psst Selena have you tried out our sleep app Peak Sleep – Sleep Better? It’ll help you waiver this media storm with an excellent night’s sleep.

Maisie Bygraves

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  2. Wow ! Some people need to chill. The need to critisize compulsively is a sign of unfulfilled life.

  3. Hey Selena,
    I think it’s awesome your using your brain!!! And not just your looks!!!
    I haven’t as yet added any family or friends to challenge me on peak but I would love to challenge you if you think up for it add me!!!

  4. Please don‘t tell everyone about Peak, you risk turning everyone into intelligent brainiacs and then it won‘t be fun anymore because all the idjits shall have disappeared off the face of the planet… Or you reckon that would be a good thing? Ponders ‘pon the implications.

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