Train Your Brain To Be Like A Star Wars Jedi

Think like Yoda, problem solve like Princess Leia and focus like a Star Wars Stormtrooper

Let’s think back to May the 4th, 1979. Star Wars was already at the top of everyone’s favourite all-time movies list; “galactic warfare, wizard wars and Darth Vadar” were now a part of everyday terminology; and British Prime Minister, Magaret Thatcher unknowingly coined — and was the catalyst for — the famous Star Wars phrase “May the Fourth be with you”. All thanks to an ad in the London Evening Standard reading “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie” as she was elected Prime Minister!

And now you’re back in the room, it’s May the 4th 2019, Star Wars Day and you’re probably hoping for a few hilarious Star Wars memes, some exciting Star Wars movie release news or some epic Star Wars ideas to celebrate May the fourth, however we’ve got something far, far better…

Instead we’re going to train your brain, work on your neuroplasticity and tap into your cognitive development so that you can think like Yoda, problem solve like Princess Leia and focus like a Stormtrooper.

You’re probably thinking, “No way, IT’S A TRAP,” but trust us when we say we’ve got the most awesome insights lined up for you and your brain.

1.  Think like Yoda

Think like Yoda with these brain training tips which will flex your neuroplasticity on Star Wars Day 2019 and beyond.
Star Wars Day is here. Think like Yoda.

He’s the wisest guy this side (and the other side) of the galaxy. Being a legendary Jedi Master and connecting to the Force more than most, allowed Yoda’s brain to open up and unlock the path to immortality. Although a mysterious character, we like to assume that Yoda has always been a genius warrior with a wicked memory: switching from Council to the Clone Wars at the drop of his… cane.

Although Yoda’s mindset and cognitive abilities all sound pretty unachievable right now, there’s still hope for us mere mortals and that hope lies in pinching a fraction of his genius and memory without having to exist for 900 years.

How can you get brain power like legendary Yoda? Peak’s brain training game, aptly named ‘Wizard,’ focuses on improving your memory. We collaborated with Professor Sahakian of Cambridge University to create this incredible memory game and a study showed that Wizard improves a player’s memory skills!

So if you want to be a little bit like Yoda, it’s time to get playing this epic memory game over in our app. Or try out Earth Defence, the coolest game in the galaxy where you’ll need to block meteorites from hitting our planet (no pressure.)

In the wise words of Yoda “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

2. Speak like C-3PO

He knows more than 6 MILLION forms of communication (polyglot alert!), and can persuade most enemies into cooperating with his unreal diplomacy and negotiation skills. Although referring to himself as only an “interpreter” it’s clear he’s a genius.

Occasionally getting into trouble for his honesty, calling Chewbacca “only a Wookie” perhaps didn’t rate on the eloquence scale, however it’s clear See-Threepio’s language skills are above and beyond everyone in the entire universe. Fact.

Want a slice of C-3PO’s way with words? Peak – Brain Training’s super-popular language game called Word Fresh shares the same principles as Scrabble, which has been proven to boost language-related cognitive abilities.

Admittedly we aren’t training your brain to speak 6 million languages, but this brain training game does focus on developing your native language so you can at the very least boost your confidence when it comes to your way with words. A little like C-3PO’s conversations with R2D2:

C-3PO: “I beg your pardon, but what do you mean, ‘naked?‘”

R2D2: [beeps]

C-3PO: “My parts are showing? Oh, my goodness, oh!”

3. Problem Solve Like Princess Leia

An animated image of Princess Leia on Star Wars Day 2019 portraying problem solving abilities with flashing symbols above the Star Wars character's head.
Star Wars Day is here. Problem solve like Princess Leia.

Princess Leia Organa plays the part of a princess, a warrior, a military strategist and chief problem solver. She’s the ultimate multi-talented character and that’s just for starters. Her problem solving and cognitive abilities are beyond impressive and she’s perhaps the real hero of the Star Wars saga (sit down Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo.)

Princess Leia’s legendary attributes include thinking on her feet, especially when it comes to beating the Stormtroopers at their own game: she knew that using the Stormtroopers’ speeders on The Forest World of Endor would catch them and ultimately solve a potentially devastating problem.

Leia focused on winning most battles through problem solving rather than all-out ammunition:

“There are things that you cannot solve by jumping in an X-wing and blowing something up.”

Our problem solving games in the Peak – Brain Training app, such as Low Pop, Size Counts and Square Numbers, help to utilise your problem solving cognitive abilities. A study in 2008 showed that reading and arithmetic training tasks in healthy older adults improves general cognitive abilities related to executive function and processing speed.  

4. Focus Like A Stormtrooper

A cartoon of a Stormtrooper. It has a target aiming for it and moving around the Star Wars character's helmet. Star Wars Day 2019 and beyond.
Star Wars Day is here. Focus like a Stormtrooper.

A bunch of dedicated fighters, so focused on destroying anything that gets in their way. Their focus is terrifying and yet slightly enviable. According to PowerOnPowerOff Stormtroopers’ “…attentional system includes regions located in nearly every lobe of (their) brain.” Perhaps not all lobes were active in ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’ when a Stormtrooper hit his head on the ceiling…

The perfect brain training games for focus are Unique and Must Sort. A large study published in 2014 showed that cognitive training similar to our focus games Unique and Must Sort, promote benefits in attention abilities in older people. A recent study published in ‘Frontiers Of Behavioral Neuroscience’ showed that our game Decoder improved a player’s attention, which is perfect if you’re hoping to outwit a Stormtrooper this month.

Are you ready to train your brain on Star Wars Day 2019 so you can think like Yoda, problem solve like Princess Leia and focus like a Stormtrooper? We certainly are.

Good luck and May the Fourth be with you.

Check out our game Earth Day over in the app, the perfect brain training game to celebrate May the 4th:

An image portraying Peak - Brain Training's game called Earth Defence.
Maisie Bygraves

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