These Books Will Change The Way You Think

The Top Books To Read Now On Mindset, Cognitive Development, Habit And Nutrition

Brain Training Just Stepped Up A Gear

We’ve handpicked 3 of the best brain training cognitive training books which will provide you with the skills, improvements and self-development tips to push your brain further. All 3 books are super-simple to digest and put into practice in everyday life.

When choosing the best brain development books we focused on the following factors:

Habit and the brain

Mindset and the brain

Nutrition and the brain

This magical threesome will help with your cognitive development and give your mind a ‘brain gym’ workout as and when you delve into their pages.

Let’s begin with Habit.

Top Book On Habit

‘The Power Of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg

1 habit started + 1 habit quit = life-enhancing results

This book is a must-read for those wanting to reshape the way they live for the better.

The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg explores what it takes to create life-long beneficial habits, the benefits of creating positive habits and how to get out of the ‘trap’ of poor habits.

Habits by nature are habitual and because of this the brain doesn’t have to face making small, tiring decisions day in, day out which would ultimately lead to ‘decision fatigue’ – tiring stuff right? Hence why we revert back to the ‘trap’ of sticking with the same old habits time after time.

The beauty of Duhigg’s book is that he provides easy methods to help you create new beneficial habits. By tweaking the smaller habits, Duhigg’s methods allow you to work on the bigger ones in no time.

An example of breaking the power of a habit is getting fit for summer. To begin this mission, small steps are needed which could include getting gym clothes ready, putting snazzy trainers on and driving to the gym. All 3 of these steps form the start of a new habit and when repeated many times they become second nature.

Once you’ve taken these first small steps, your brain’s ability to start bigger and better habits expands, develops and grows. A habit of doing 5 press ups a day will make you want to do 10 the next, 15 the next, 100 the next and so on. Until you turn into a lean muscly machine.

Duhigg discusses fascinating science-backed studies throughout his books, for example the findings of an Australian study which put self-proclaimed couch potatoes on a habitual fitness regime. They found that the participants naturally got fitter as a result of this habit, however they also saw improvements in other areas of their lives, such as in their finances. Proving that one small habit can have a huge impact on the rest of your life. Exciting stuff!

Duhigg teaches throughout his book that by training your brain to get used to a new smaller habit, the long-term benefits on your neuroplasticity AND your entire life will be incredible.

Top Book On Mindset

‘Mindset’ by Dr Carol S. Dweck

This book is the ultimate read for anyone hoping to shift their mindset for the better.

Mindset by Dr Dweck focuses on the differences between having a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. And trust us when we say that the contrasts are astonishing.

Dweck makes this seemingly serious topic totally easy to digest. He asks the reader to get to know their current mindset by assessing how they currently react to change, success, failure, praise and decision making.

By retraining your brain’s current way of reacting to these situations, especially in response to business, love and relationships, you can in fact alter your mindset and live a much more fulfilling, open and relaxed life.

The differences in people’s mindsets are incredible and after reading this book you realise that: “Beliefs are the key to happiness (and misery.)”

This is one of the best books on wellbeing, self-development and mind training that we’ve read. It’s an easy-read and opens up sooo many new ways of thinking.

Top Book On Nutrition

‘Cook, Brew and Blend Your Own Herbs’ by Neal’s Yard

This book is the perfect addition to any Peak – Brain Training fan looking to nourish their mind whilst gaming.

Getting your nutrition right should be a priority. If you’re working on training and improving your brain, then you need nutritional support to boost your cognitive power. Having the wrong diet can really impact on your cognitive health.

The best Podcast to tune into to explain this in depth is ‘You Can Fix Your Brain’ by Dr Tom O’Bryan. This audio on brain health outlines the catastrophic effects a dodgy diet can have on your brain and overall well-being. He focuses on the best nutritional memory, productivity and sleep solutions – all of which are doable, which is a relief.

A great addition to add to your current diet is to introduce recipes to energise your mind, provide rich nutritional value and nurture your brain and body.

Neal’s Yard’s Remedies book ‘Cook, Brew and Blend Your Own Herbs’ starts with the basics. Rather than taking stuff out of your food, they look at adding vital nutritious herbs, nuts, veggies and fruit into your recipes which ultimately “heal and nurture.”

One of our favourite brain health recipes is their excellent pistachio and avocado smoothie. It energises the mind and provides omega-rich oils to nourish you for hours. With just a few organic ingredients, you can whizz together a  mind-boosting smoothie that uplifts and feeds your brain. The cookbook also features tasty salads rich in yumminess, plus super-simple and affordable homemade organic moisturisers.

Brain-boosting organic smoothie + a Peak – Brain Training session = ultimate brain gym combo.

Get stuck into one of these 3 science-backed books on cognitive development and discover not only how the brain and mind works and functions, but also how small tweaks to your everyday life can create big opportunities and changes to the way you think.

Even if you aren’t keen on reading, grab these books on audio, or if you LOVE to read then pick these brain development books up at a local book store.

Books sorted, so now it’s time to introduce a morning ritual into your life. Read this article for 3 quick and doable morning tips!

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