What Mindfulness Meditation Is And How To Do It

Peak Sleep – Sleep Better uses different techniques to help improve your sleep. All of our techniques are evidenced-based and provided to you by experts in their field. One of those techniques is Mindfulness Meditation and is delivered by Martin Alyward.

Read on to learn more about this amazing technique.

1) What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

Where to start with Mindfulness Meditation? Once upon a time, meditation was the preserve of buddhist monks, yogis and hippies from the West Coast. These days, it is everywhere and you can’t open a magazine without learning about the benefits.

It’s not surprising when you consider how useful it can be with research consistently showing a positive impact on psychological health.

In brief, mindfulness encourages us to focus our attention on the moment by paying attention to the experiences of our body. Meditation is a tool to help us do that.

By focusing on the present and being mindful of our experience, we are able to create a distance between ourselves and our thoughts. This helps us react to them in a different, non-judgemental way and enables us to not get caught up in them.

2) Mindfulness Meditation: The Research

Research into the effect of Mindfulness Meditation is picking up speed as scientists start to understand the psychological effects of this type of practice. For example, in 2010, a study showed that Mindfulness Meditation could reduce stress, reactivity and negative emotions whilst, at the same time, improving resilience.

The practice has long been associated with improvements in sleep and, in 1976, researchers published a study demonstrating that Mindfulness Meditation could increase the speed it took to fall asleep. At the same time, their research suggested that the effects lasted beyond the initial treatment. 6-month follow up studies showed that the benefits in speed-to-fall-asleep were still being felt.

A more recent study showed that Mindfulness Meditation also helped people stay asleep. In 2014 a study, using a Randomised Control Trial, it was shown that Mindfulness Meditation was associated with a reduction in the number of times people are awoken in the night. Again, follow up interviews seemed to suggest these effects were lasting.

3) Mindfulness Meditation In Peak Sleep

Our course is provided by Martin Alyward. He is a co-director of the Mindfulness Training Institute and has been teaching the practice for over 20 years.

In the guides, he encourages listeners to cultivate an awareness of the moment to create a distance between the thoughts that run through the mind and the observer. This process helps us respond better to different emotions in a way that helps the body and mind relax before sleep.

It’s worth noting that this technique might not work for everyone. That’s why, in Peak Sleep, we try to provide a range of techniques and help our users find the one that works best for them. If you want to experience the Mindfulness Meditation approach to sleep yourself, try Peak Sleep today.

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