Introducing Peak Sleep – Sleep Better: The Best Sleep App You’ll Use

We are very proud here at Peak to make Peak Sleep – Sleep Better, our latest digital health application, available to everyone on iOS and Android.

At Peak we truly believe that tech can do good and have a positive impact on people’s life. We have been building engaging, evidence-based, accessible and affordable digital health apps and games since 2013. We will continue to build products that help prevent, detect or treat a number of mental health issues.

Over the past 5 years Peak – Brain Training has helped more than 50 million users around the world to keep their brain active. Recently, we’ve accelerated our research partnerships and you can read about Decoder, our recent collaboration with the University of Cambridge, and how it had a positive impact on people’s attention.

The team here has been relentless about finding novel ways to help people improve their cognitive performance in a way that is complementary to Peak – Brain Training and this is when we rose to the idea of helping people sleep better.

Sleep is one of the most important, though unfortunately underrated, factors in our cognitive performance. But we’re in a middle of a sleep epidemic. 35% of Americans report their sleep quality as poor. Average sleep duration has decreased by 1.5 hours in the last 50 years (Matthew Walker – Why we Sleep p.177) and various studies have demonstrated again and again that a lack of sleep can have a  terrible impact on your memory and attention, as well as contributing to an increased risk of injury, car accidents, obesity or developing Alzheimers. The sleep crisis also results in a loss in productivity with over $400bn lost per year in the US alone . And still, today there is no straightforward reliable, accessible and affordable solution to help you sleep better.

Sleep clinics can be effective but their high cost means they are for the few not the many. The average cost of a clinic is $1,000 per night. Sleep pills might help you fall asleep in the  short-term but they do not drive quality sleep and various studies have shown they represent a long-term risk to your health (the risk of death increases five-fold if you take more than 130 sleep pills per year).

In comparison, Peak Sleep is a very reliable, accessible and cost-effective solution for sleep:

  • It contains the  largest selection of evidence-based techniques to help with sleep, each one provided by experts.
  • Techniques include Mindfulness Meditation, Guided Imagery, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.
  • We’ve had more than 20,000 Peak Sleep pioneers to date and they’ve reported an improvement of 30% in sleep hygiene such as morning mood, quality of sleep, time to fall asleep and sleep duration and we’re keen to add even more people on that journey to better sleep.
  • It’s available everywhere in the world for only $9.99/month from your smartphone and is based on years of experience in crafting both delightful and easy to use applications.

You can download Peak Sleep – Sleep Better from Friday March, 15th on iOS and Android.

I hope you can join us in this extraordinary new challenge that we, at Peak, are determined to face up to.

Xavier Louis,

CEO, Peak


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