What Is Guided Imagery? Learn More Right Here

Sleep Better – Sleep Better uses different techniques to help improve your sleep. All of our techniques are evidenced-based and provided to you by experts in their field. One of those techniques is Guided Imagery and is delivered by Jane Bozier.

Read on to learn more about this amazing technique.

1) What Is Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a form of practice where a guide leads a subject through a series of images to evoke a range of sensory perceptions. The subject is asked to use their imagination to create pictures in their mind of the things the guide is describing.

Guided imagery is used in a number of areas and in Peak Sleep, we use it to help with sleep.

2) Guided Imagery: The Research

A 2002 study published in Behavioural Research and Therapy compared the experience of what it called Distracting Imagery (their term for Guided Imagery) with General Distractions as well as a control group that didn’t get any help at all.

The idea was to see whether or not this Distracting Imagery helped subjects fall asleep more quickly than either the group of people who experienced General Distractions or the people who didn’t get any help at all.

The authors of the study concluded that Distracting Imagery used a sufficient amount of cognitive space to help reduce the number of other thoughts running through the mind before sleep. It also helped focus the mind on positive experiences in a way that enabled the mind to keep more control of the thought process.

In a separate 1987 study researchers looked into the effect of Guided Imagery on people who struggled to stay asleep. In a follow up to their research, conducted 3-months and 12-months later, it was found that people who used Guided Imagery experienced a substantial reduction in the number of times they awoke during the night.

3) Guided Imagery In Peak Sleep

Peak Sleep – Sleep Better uses Guided Imagery to help our users image a pleasant scenario before they go to sleep to help encourage relaxation.

Often people with sleep problems complain about unwanted thoughts running through their brain. By encouraging users to imagine something pleasing and relaxing, their brain has less “space” available to be caught up negative thoughts. This should promote a relaxing experience before bed.

Our Guided Imagery technique is provided by Jane Bozier, a mental health nurse with an Msc in Mindfulness Based Approaches. She also provides our Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique.

It’s worth noting that this technique might not work for everyone. That’s why, in Peak Sleep, we try to provide a range of techniques and help our users find the one that works best for them. If you want to experience the Guided Imagery approach to sleep yourself, try Peak Sleep today.

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