5 Top Tips To Help You Sleep Easily & Deeply

How To Get The Best Night’s Sleep

My cat can sleep anywhere and it makes me very jealous. Looking at him now, it doesn’t seem to matter what time of day it is, how bright it is or how active he has been. Once his eyes are closed he is out for the count. If only it was as simple for us. Like food and water, sleep is essential and yet there are nights when it feels just out of our reach, as if we can see it but can’t quite grab hold.

According to our research 55% of Britons1Survey of 1000 people run by Peak and Hope and Anchor in September 2018 often find it hard to sleep at night and that means that millions of us are missing out of the nourishment of a good night’s rest. Added to that, it’s widely accepted that if you want to maintain your wellness, sleep is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do so.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share our top five tips to optimise your bedroom for the best night’s rest.

1. Embrace The Darkness

When it comes to sleep, light is the enemy. Bright lights will not just keep you awake, certain types of light (like blue wavelength light) will slow the production of melatonin, the chemical that helps we need to prepare the body for sleep. So, when it comes to preparing your bedroom make sure that you have blackout curtains in place, to keep out any streetlights, and avoid your screens for at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

2. Keep It Cool

Are you one of those people who likes to stick your feet out of the duvet? If you are, you’re smart because you are encouraging the body to cool and a cooler body can help signal that it is time to sleep. Another way of doing this is to keep a cool room and this can help trick your body into falling asleep more quickly. You could also take a warm bath or shower before you sleep too and the sudden drop in body temperature can help bring on sleep.

3. Make Sure It’s Quiet.

This feels like an obvious one. We all know a quiet room is best and many of us will have struggled to sleep in noisy environments. It makes sense then that you should keep your room as quiet as possible but that is easier said than done. If silence is impossible, you can play white noise or similar soothing sounds to mask the noises. This replaces urgent, sudden sounds with soothing ones and will help you drift off.

4. Reserve Your Bed For Sleep (or Sex) Only.

Now this is hard. You need to ensure that you only use your bed to sleep (or make love) in and nothing else. That means you shouldn’t read in bed and above all you shouldn’t work. Establishing your bed as a place for sleep will help your body realise that it’s time to rest when you get in. This is an essential part of creating a sleep ritual and if you are disciplined you’ll find your bed a welcoming place to rest.

5. Relax Before You Sleep

This is important. By taking the time to relax before you sleep, you’ll find that your bedroom is a more welcoming place to be and it will be more likely that you’ll fall asleep faster. Of course everyone has his or her own way to relax. Our app, Peak Sleep – Sleep Better, is designed to help you relax before bedtime. It helps calm the mind and prepare the body for rest with different, evidence-based methods like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindful Meditation, Muscle Relaxation and Guided Imagery. So you can find your own way to relax, sleep well, and refreshed.

Tom Williams

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